Playlist: Sleepy Time

Already, within the first few weeks of summer I am having insomnia issues. I go to bed extremely late, and wake up far too early. 5am early to be exact. Its no different from when I was in school except for the fact that I actually tried to go to bed before 12am. And now with University looming overhead I’m hoping that I can fix my sleep schedule completely with the few weeks I have left.

I used to not be able to sleep without listening to music at all. Now I’m back on that track, this time with a new playlist. I decided to make this playlist after I woke up for the thousandth time at 5am. And so far its working pretty well. Listen here on Youtube.

  1. Take me Somewhere Nice – Mogwai
  2. Blue Paper – Moby
  3. Maybe Sparrow – Neko Case
  4. Von – Sigur Ros
  5. AM 2:00 (inst.) – Acidman
  6. The Glade Part II – Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack
  7. Hanna’s Theme – Hanna Soundtrack
  8. X&Y – Coldplay
  9. So Sorry – Feist
  10. Insa – Jaejoong
  11. The Words – Koxx
  12. For 12 – Other Lives
  13. Cet Air-la – April March
  14. My Little Princess (Acapella) – TVXQ
  15. Airbag – Tablo
  16. Now at Last – Feist
  17. Flightless Bird, American Mouth – Iron & Wine
  18. La Sirena – Feist
  19. Aurora – Midnight Juggernauts
  20. A Dream Discarded – Memoirs of a Geisha Soundtrack
  21. Yuugure No Kaze – My neighbor Totoro Soundtrack

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