Here and There

Thus far my summer has been going spectacularly. I wouldn’t say I’ve done much but, I’m not just laying around on my couch being lazy. And with my wifi still being all crazy, I haven’t been sitting in front of my laptop much either. More than not we head to  coffee shops often to escape the heat that has finally invaded Kelowna. Darn old houses for not having air conditioning! Unfortunately, I either forget to bring my camera to places or, I completely forget to put my memory card in the camera. So, all these photos are taken by my sisters phone. I don’t really support people who say they’re photographers because they use instagram or use an iphone camera but, I do admit that they’re handy for capturing special moments or just pieces of your day.Recently, I’ve been trying to get in shape. Honestly, its hard to be motivated with such hot weather but I’ve been working at it as best I can. Well maybe not best… I am trying though. lol…. Please ignore the glare I’m giving the camera! Christine was being too picky about the photo hahaThis is just a photo of my hair that Christine did for me for our cousins wedding. Really sad that I didn’t bring my camera because the location was absolutely gorgeous. On a lake with mountain after mountain. Actually, That s what Kelowna looks like but, these mountains were so tall and green! Need to head back just for that!

These are just random updates from my summer holidays. I was planning on posting something else but, photoshop started shutting down on me. I think technology is beginning to hate me!


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