On the Shore

We’ve been heading to the beach a lot recently in hopes of escaping this hot hot weather (Even though it is now rainy and cloudy). This is just one of those times last week when I didn’t forget my camera. Huzzah!

This was my first time to this particular beach, Pauls Tomb. It was a really nice location, secluded so that not too many people were there and almost no boats out on the water. By the time we actually got to the beach we were sweating to death because of the hike in. I didn’t feel up to swimming that day so just waded around and took photos of random things. Creepin’ Stacy and Christine in their lil boat. Left early due to sudden bursts of thunder. Seem to be getting quite a few lightning storms recently. Lessening my chances of going to the beach, Grrr!


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