Finding Inspiration: Self

I’ve always wanted to have a wall of photos such as this. And not of others work, just your own. I don’t think it makes you look full of yourself or that you believe that you’re the greatest photographer alive and are obsessed with your own work, its a way to look at past accomplishments and aspire to do better. To do more. By seeing past photos that you’re proud of you may gain inspiration from that.

And who knows maybe someday I will have a wall similar to this. In a lovely studio space, or filling an entire wall of my bedroom (that may make me come across as obsessed with photography but, who gives a damn! I love it). I find that I do often gain inspiration or certain understandings from my own work. I can just be looking at some old photos and think, “oh I can do this differently next time” or “I can add this to the photo.”

So the point I’m really trying to come across here is that, to find inspiration it doesn’t necessarily have to come from someone else’s work, it can be you’re own as well.


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