You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful

Last week, Kimberly and I, plus Grace and Lisa had a mini photoshoot in our grad gowns. Lisa and Grace never really had any sort of photoshoot for grad so we came up with this idea (Plus I’ll take any excuse for a few photos!). We had actually been planning this for nearly 2 months now but, since I’m bad at organizing things, it didn’t occur till now. Well, actually we had to do it at this time because Grace just left for New Jersey yesterday for university. Miss her already…

And yes, I did use lyrics from a One Direction even though to be perfectly honest I don’t like their music whatsoever. But thanks to Kimberly, its stuck in my head. And I think it somewhat suits the title for this photoshoot anyways. I forced everyone to walk back into this hay field, they didn’t appreciate that too much. Ended in an argument and some screaming due to the many mosquitoes and spiders. I suppose I forgot that I’m probably the only one in this group who would actually take a little bit of suffering in order to get the perfect shot. Except for a couple of the photos which I took, Christine was our chosen photographer. Honestly, she is a superb artist (Painting & drawing) but, she was not meant to be a photographer. I had to do a whole lot of cropping in photoshop. Recently, I’ve been trying to cut down on how many photos I share in each post. Its better to post the best ones rather than everything you took. But when it came to this shoot it was really hard, I just want to share everything!


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