Summer Showers Bring Fat Flowers

Blame the title of this post on my sister. I asked her what I should title it and after a couple of minutes of discussion this is what we came up with. And this is really the best one out of all the other random things she said…. most of them had “Shanna banana” in it because that is what my sisters have dubbed me. I kind of hate it haha.

It seems that whenever it rains I now force myself out of the house to take a few shots. Photos are just a lot more dramatic with raindrops dripping everywhere and the lighting being more dark and sinister. Sunshine is too…happy. I’m a depressing person at heart, eh? I find it rather amazing that no matter how many times I go out into my yard to take photos I can always find something new to photograph. My yard just has a crazy array of stuff, its really never ending.I really want to begin taking a lot more photos with movement in them. The one above was accidental due to the wind but, it really makes the photo. And now it is time to master my shutter speed! Yay…


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