Don’t Forget the Film

Last week I finally finished off this roll of film and got it developed. Been working at this baby for a little over two months. Without school projects I just can’t really think of things that I want to take photos of, so now, most of my photos are random things that don’t mesh all that well. This photo is from when I was completing my lit 12 year end project. I thought I might document a little of what I did and actually, I would like this photo even if it was just me deciding to bury a photo for no reason at all. These are all the books I read back in May. Been on a huge reading craze since spring, I’m hoping that it makes me more intelligent. Even though I don’t think jamming information into your head really makes you smarter, but oh well. My 8 month old niece, Cora. She’s always moving around so much its hard to get a good shot of her, this one worked out well though!


3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the Film

  1. I love the graininess of film. It always looks like it’s an old picture. The light you captured on those books is amazing and the man eating the sandwich is just really sweet for some reason. I’d love to go through my dads day and photograph him like that just to see him and what he’s doing while he’s growing older.

    • Thank you! Thats why I love film too; Its not perfect but yet it can capture so many more emotions I feel. Yeah when you run out of things to shoot just following people around is a good way to go!

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