To Rise or to Fall

Just got back from watching The Dark Knight Rises. I am too happy with the film to really put any real thought into what I am currently writing. Just insanely happy with it, insanely happy. There is not a bad Nolan movie to date and this one did not disappoint in the least.

I enjoy that, unlike most super hero movies, Nolan’s Batman is not all about the action, it goes deeper. Its about overcoming fears and boundaries physically but also, and more importantly, internally. There is less action, more dialogue, more emotion and surprises.

Then again I am completely biased; Batman is my all time favorite super hero. But hey, I’ll give credit to a film that deserves it. And thus far, Nolan’s Batman trilogy are the only super hero films that I think truly deserves it.

I’m gushing too much to continue so all I have to say is go and see it right now if you haven’t already!

And also, for a far better review venture on over to my brother-in-laws review.


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