Bows, Boxes and Things

In order to avoid the boredom of summer, I have gone on a mad search for little DIY projects on the interweb. So far I have found a couple that have kept the madness of boredom at bay. This was the first little project I found at  How About Orange. Of course, mine look a lot more gibled (A word I unknowingly made up) as I am not an origami expert. In fact, the tutorial is very simple except for one step that I had to try again and again but I eventually got through it! I only made two bows but, after showing my sisters they became obsessed and made at least ten each. The second project I set out on was to make a couple decorative boxes. I found the tutorial at Designs by MKE. Honestly, I didn’t follow the instructions that closely and just went forth mostly on my own. That is why once again, these boxes look a bit off, but that’s okay. I also discovered how much I hate hot glue guns and why they are akin to the devil. I am currently trying to reorganize and clean my room of all the things that I have collected over the years. My family really are hoarders in a minor sort of way. I want a more simple atmosphere for university so I can concentrate on my studies. Even though, that logic probably won’t work because I get to caughtt up in my thoughts (and the internet is a lovely distraction).


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