Whats up?

Thanks to Stacy and Kyle being away and Kimberly and I having to care for their (numerous) ever lovable creatures, everything photography wise has been put on hold. Which honestly, makes me feel panicked. Its rather strange to feel like that just becuase I haven’t taken a photo in a few days. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera along to Style’s (Stacy + Kyle, awesome eh!?) house so now, whenever I see something great to capture, I feel an onslaught of sadness mixed with something akin to dread. So no, I have not yet learned my lesson to always carry a camera around. Which is sad considering I own 3 different workable cameras….

On a brighter note though, I have been looking into doing time lapse videos! I’m really excited to try one, even if it doesn’t turn out great, try and try again, right?  Still working on learning all about the different functions on my camera. Unfortunately, I lost my manuel so I’m on my own. Great….

This is one of my faovrite time lapse videos I’ve seen thus far of my favorite city, Vancouver:


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