What Sunsets Glow Upon

I realized that most of the photo I take are usually around the time when the sun sets. One of these days I really want to wake up when the sun is rising and capture a few things here or there. I used to always go out around 5:30am because I had trouble sleeping so decided a jog was the best thing to do as an insomniac. Sad to say I don’t particularly remember any sun rises though.

These are some more photos from this roll of film. It seems that almost every time I scan photos our scanner breaks. I should really invest in a new one where you can scan negatives! I think I’ll miss school just for that scanner haha. My favorite photo out of the bunch. Whenever I ask to take a photo of Kimberly she always turns her back to me so this is a rare shot. I like pictures like this where its more spur of the moment, the person/people in the photograph aren’t really posing, or they’re not made up all fancy. It captures a different side to people, I think.The vibrancy of this flower is brilliant, I really didn’t expect it! At least a quarter of the pictures on this roll of film is of various flowers, this one was definitely the best.

I don’t know why but I now have a problem with focusing my lens. Its really heartbreaking to think you got the perfect shot only to realize later that you focused on a completely different object than what you wanted. Demontor forever guarding over our domain.


2 thoughts on “What Sunsets Glow Upon

  1. Perhaps coming from family this will not mean much, as you might assume these to be biased words, but they are not. I think you have an incredible natural talent for photography. You’ve taken photographs that I would happily frame and hang on my walls with pride–and I don’t expect that you, at this point, have even scratched the surface of photo/camera manipulation and technique beyond your own experiments and self-teaching. Your eldest sister, who is obviously a far more qualified judge than me, often makes a similar comment about your work. Keep it up. It’s one of those hobbies that could take you to unexpected places.

    • Soooo I don’t really know how to reply to this comment because it kind of made me want to cry and I teared up a little. I’ll just leave it at that haha… But in all seriousness, words such as you just wrote make me want to continue and further my study and passion for photography even more. It doesn’t matter that its coming from family, in some ways it means even more.

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