From Wire and Stones

A few weeks a go, I discovered picture holders such as this on pinterest. Ever since then I have been waiting for the motivation to finally make a couple, and here they are! At the moment, I am just using these postcards as an example until I decide what photos I want to display.Every year for Christmas and birthdays I used to always ask for picture frames. And when I didn’t have enough picture frames I would make photo collages on my wall or my sister would make hanging photo holders out of paperclips. Anything to display my pictures that I deemed so precious, and this was before I was really into photography! Now, as I get more and more serious about my favorite hobby, I am constantly looking for new ways to display this art form. The first time I saw this I immediately thought it was perfect! It would cost me zero dollars and look great. We really do have an abundance of stones and wire around my house. I loved the idea of using rocks as I enjoy incorporating anything natural into my room. Reminds me of the ocean a lot, which I miss, so actually it might not be that great of a reminder, but it feels a little more like home.


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