A List for the Present and the Future

Thats right, I made a bucket list. I used to be rather obsessed with making lists. I would make lists of anime I had watched and books I read. I tell myself I did this just to keep track of it all but really, I think I probably did it for the pleasure of making lists. As strange and completely weird as that may sound…

So when I decided to make a bucket list, in my mind I was thinking this will be an ultimate list of ultimate things. And I’ll never have to make another list again… perhaps.

The reason I made a bucket list in the first place was because I felt like I wasn’t doing anything with my life and because of this, I start feeling extremely panicked. The sad thing is that after I made this bucket list (and am still making) Christine told me that people make lists because of anxiety. Lists help people feel like they’ve accomplished something without actually doing anything, which is exactly what it made me feel. And I’m okay with that. False accomplishment, I like. My list is just written down on a bunch of note cards as I was in a rush to write down all of these crazy ideas scrambling around on my head. I miiiight make a post later on listing all of them and will add things to it here or there.

So whats on my bucket list? A few ridiculous things that I’ll probably never accomplish, some things that I could do right this second but probably won’t due to that ever looming fiend called procrastination, and there are some things that I just felt belong on a bucket list.

One of these ridiculous little whims of mine is to go to every Disney theme park in the world. So far I’ve been to one. A ton more to go. In a way I think its kind of stupid but yet its something I’ve always wanted to do so of course, this was the first thing I put on my bucket list. And even if I don’t accomplish it as long as I try and even only go to 3 or 4 parks I’m fine.  Something else that is a wee bit odd, buy a gnome. This may or may not have something to do with the movie Amelie. And I may or may not travel around with it to take photos of it in various places like Amelie. Yeah…

Things that I could do right this second: build an epic sand castle. And by epic I mean huge. It doesn’t have to be a sand castle, a sculpture would do just fine. And of course I would involve all my sisters in this so that with all of our artistic talents combined, it will be even more epic. Or it will just be a complete fail but this is something I really want to do, what with me loving the ocean and all. Another little thing that is somewhat pointless, watch all of the movies included in the 50 greatest movies of all time (Although I guess a lot of things on bucket lists are pointless, but its all about life experience, right?).

And of course, I couldn’t make a bucket list without putting skydiving on it. I’ve never actually wanted to skydive because I have a few of the parachute not working properly and me falling to my death. Lovely thoughts, eh? Although, I have always wanted to see the world from a different perspective such as skydiving offers. It most definitely has something to do with me liking photography. When I found out that you can do tandem skydiving I was all for it. Let someone else be responsible for our death! And yes, bungee jumping is also on there. Although this is something I’ve always wanted to do. Even though people always warn on how detrimental it can be to your body, I might as well destroy it while I can. I’ll be eating these words when I’m old and crippled, of course.

Other than those few things my list is mostly about traveling or things simply to do with photography. In fact, I didn’t even include half of my traveling wishes because it would make up over half the list. I’ll just keep them safely locked in my head.


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