Little Person

The other day I ventured out doors and had a small photo shoot with Christine and my little niece Cora. Having never really been around anyone younger than me, it is unbelievable how fast babies grow up! You almost need to have a photo shoot everyday with how much they change over such a small amount of time. It was actually very difficult photographing Cora because she moves so much and because she can’t walk yet, Christine had to hold her in most cases. Although I;m sure if she could walk she would just be running around every which way and no pictures would be taken! I admit, I’m not very good at portraiture so I’m not sure these are any good at all. But, all the practice I can get is great. Although, Christine sad that half of it is having a good model so I am now on the hunt for unsuspecting people willing to crawl through dirt and mud to get to great locations. Oh, only me? Thought so. (Still somewhat bitter about this one incident….)These were just a few of the best shots that Christine liked. I’m sure sometime in the future we will be having another impromptu shoot. Can’t wait till fall so Cora can play in the leaves! Adorable photos here we come!


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