How Depressing

These are a few more photos from our treasure trove of film that we still have loads more to get through. I think most of these films rolls are from around 2003 or 2004. Hard to believe I was only about 8 or 9, doesn’t seem like that long ago.I love pictures looking down lighthouse stairwells. I always imagine lighthouses are haunted and this one is especially eery so it makes me like it even more haha. Unfortunately, the scan didn’t come through very well so its somewhat hard to see, but this is a photo of the 2003 Okanagan fire. It got so bad that we had to evacuate our house for 1 week and others, even longer. Thinking back to this time I actually remember we had a lot of fun. Thankfully amidst this fun we didn’t lose our house although the fire came pretty close. Is is sad that upon seeing this photo the first thing I thought was, “I had school spirit in elementary school?” Apparently so….


For the last few days I have been feeling extremely down in the dumps. No inspiration to do anything at all and that goes for photography as well (Probably why I’m posting old photos…). I think its due to the fact that I have less than two weeks of summer left and then its off to my first year of university. Which, I am actually really excited for! Whats got me down is the fact that I didn’t do anything all summer.

Kimberly and I were originally going to head to South Korea for the second time for a sort of grad vacation. I unfortunately ruined that plan by buying my dslr. Which, at the moment, I am regretting. And I know I shouldn’t. Although, as I remember I felt extremely conflicted when I bought the camera as well (I have trouble letting go of money….) A camera is way more useful for me, especially when I want to be a photographer and will definitely need it for a few of my university courses. Its more important than a vacation, especially when I can go to South Korea next year or whenever is more convenient.

Stupid feels…. So I am pretty much just resigned to feel this way until university begins. I think I may be a depressing person at heart. Because as Christine said today, “Shannon happy? She can’t show that much emotion!” Obviously I glare too often haha.

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