One Year

Happy first birthday to my blog!

I am absolutely astonished that I have been blogging for one year.

My 4 previous ventures with blogging usually involved 4 or 5 posts and then I lost all passion and quit. Until, something wonderful happened; I found blogs that I actually enjoyed reading. After that I would sit by my laptop everyday waiting for them to update. Finding inspiration in places you’re not expecting it is awesome. After that, I started up this baby of a blog and still aspire to do more with it.

Over this one year, blushingcameras has changed and morphed slightly, but photography is still the center of this lil’ blogs universe, and mine for that matter. Often I worry about what I post because I don’t want to stray from photography too much, but have come to the conclusion that, even though I post my photos and write these posts for the world to see, I really just blog for myself.

Blogs really are just a futuristic form of a diary. I originally began to blog because I wanted to look back at my first posts years later and say to myself, “Wow you sucked at writing. And photography. Look how far you’ve come.” Of course those thoughts would accompany embarrassed laughter and the deleting of every single post.

So heres to much embarrassment and laughter in the future!


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