Vicious Balloons, Giant Horses and Funny Hair-dos

My second post on the Armstrong fair (IPE), but this time it is the other half of the fair, the side that doesn’t deal with food. Even though that really is my favorite part… Sure, there are tons of carnival rides and games to join in on, but we always just go around and look at all of the animals. This is just one such view that we constantly get. (I didn’t notice at the time of taking the photo that the cows were in order from tallest to shortest heehee) The colossal size of cows and pigs really is astonishing. You never realize how large they are until you’re standing right next to them.I believe that this is the cutest alpaca I have ever seen. With the cutest hair-do ever. hkjahsfjlkdf too cute! o(^-^)o This is Ruby, the best mule in the whole world! Met her at last years IPE and instantly fell in love. So much so that I forced my family to say goodbye to her before we left haha. Was beyond ecstatic to see her again this year! Giant horses that could seriously stomp you to death. Not that smaller horses couldn’t either… I believe these are Clydesdale’s? (Obviously not a horse expert. Although my favorite breed are Shires! Once again a very large horse.) And finally, this is Ed, my vicious balloon. He was constantly hitting me and others, ugh so rude. Now he is dying on my bedroom floor. So long Ed! 2012 – 2012

Well that about sums up what we did allll day. Walk and eat and look at stuff. Next year I’m hoping that we can stay later because I really want to get photos of all the carnival rides at night!

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