September Resolutions

Now that I’ve entered university, I want to become more responsible with how I handle school work and the management of my day to day life. To do this I’ve come up with 2 resolutions for the month of September that I am hoping If all goes well, I can stick to for the rest of the year.

  1. No napping
  2. Study everyday


No napping is a big thing for me. In high school I napped everyday. Literally. In the summer even if I slept in till 12pm, I still napped. Why? Because I nap when I’m bored or am just trying to avoid things. I don’t even have to necessarily be tired to go have a nap. Just turn on some music and I’m good to go. If I was a pokemon, I would be snorlax. That is why I think this is a very important goal for me to keep. I waste so much of my time sleeping that I never get anything done. And on some days when I’m feeling particularly depressed, I start feeling as though I am wasting my whole life away by napping. So, this is something that I really need to pull through on. I made this resolution on September 2nd, and since then I have only napped once. And even though only 4 days have passed since then, only napping once in those 4 days is a real accomplishment for me. (Wow this sounds sad….)

As some may or may not know, I am a huge procrastinator (Possibly because I spend all my time sleeping…). In high school I usually did all of my assignments the day before they were due or even in my spare right before class. This is something that definitely has to change. It doesn’t necessarily be that I study everyday, it could be to simply review something from class and the likes. I want to stay ahead on all of my classes. I also think that I need to start thinking on my bigger goals in life, like getting a masters. To do that I need to get good grades as an undergraduate first. I’m hoping that by thinking like this I can stay motivated…..

Funnily enough I was talking to a second year student today and I told him that I had 6 courses for first semester. He was really astonished and said that I would die pretty much haha! Good luck to me…


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