In a Cloud of Colour

Last Friday I participated in the Colour Run at UBCO. I didn’t know a thing about it except that I wanted to participate in at least one event in my first week of university. And so this was my one event. I’m almost sad I didn’t participate in anything more but the first week of classes itself was exhausting.

So to sum up my day of the Colour Run. My classes ended at 11:30am and I pretty much waited around UBCO for almost 5hrs waiting to participate. I was originally supposed to do it with Julie but she ditched and I almost gave up on going too but I found another friend to go with. Thank goodness! Actually waiting around with Sam was lots of fun too. I pretty much just remember walking around talking about nerdy things haha.

The Colour Run itself was actually not what I expected at all. First of all, there was no running involved, lots of colour though! All of us participating gathered around in one large group (in our white shirts) with each a bag of colorful powder in hand. Then, on the count of three we all threw the bags in the air! I honestly couldn’t see the person in front of me (And we were super tightly packed!) thats how much powder was in the air. It was just like this strange purple fog rolled in. Other than that I breathed in A LOT of the powder and now I’m pretty sure my lungs are a very bright orange, purple and blue. It was awesome to see the effect that the color had on all of us afterwards though. Everything I was wearing was completely covered and I couldn’t actually see the skin on my feet, they were so purple! After that we went around looking for bags that weren’t completely empty and just threw them at each other haha. There were events afterwards like a slip n’ slide, but we didn’t take part in those. Watching was enough fun. Plus, it didn’t look safe with 20 people going down the slip n’ slide at once…..

I wish I had brought my camera because I’m sure I would have caught some awesome moments, but maybe if they have the same event next year I’ll pop by.

I have to say, it was definitely worth every toxic breathe I took! I hope there will be more fun events such as this throughout the year! (And now thinking on it, I wonder what all the people on the bus thought of me all dyed like that haha….)


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