In the Midst of Fall

Kimberly and I decided to embark on a little project together. Well perhaps not a project, but just something to do for fun. For awhile now I’ve been obsessed with Lookbook and looking at all the various fashions they have there. It really makes me so jealous of all the pretty clothes others have!

So after a year of thinking maybe I should start one of my own, university hit and now I just feel like wearing hoodies and jeans everyday. You can thank late night study sessions for this! Due to this, I got Kimberly on board and made her get a lookbook. She’s really excited to be doing something like this and finding different inspirations for her looks along the way. And I am super excited to be able to hone my photography skills in the areas of portrait and fashion photography. Even though most people post their own looks on their blogs, I’ll be posting Kimberly’s because 1.) she doesn’t have a blog 2.) I took the photos. Good enough reasons? haha Bonus photo!

Hype on Lookbook!


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