Playlist: Study Mode

I have nothing to post recently seeing as how all I really do is go to class, study and sleep. I honestly have time to do other things I just lack motivation and choose to sleep. I should really fix that like I said I would…

So seeing as how I seem to spend most of my time studying and/or sleeping, I thought I would post the playlist I listen to.

This playlist is filled with electronica to the max. I find that when I am studying  I try to avoid lyrical songs as they will only distract me and make me want to sing along. Thus, I stick to songs that have more obscure sounds and just kind of leave your brain numb. Perfect for studying, right?

  1. 첫사랑 – Neon Bunny
  2. Digital Love – Daft Punk
  3. Opening – Philip Glass
  4. Discotraxx – Ladytron
  5. Digital Suicide – Hearts Revolution
  6. Air War – Crystal Castles
  7. Plastic + Heart – Neon Bunny
  8. Dystopia – Midnight Juggernaughts
  9. Open Your Heart – The Human League
  10. Don’t Believe the Hype – Boys Noize
  11. Untrust Us – Crystal Casltles
  12. Marissa Flashback – Hanna Soundtrack(Chemical Brothers)
  13. Container Park – Hanna Soundtrack (Chemical Brothers)
  14. Commodore Rock – Ladytron
  15. Miss It So Much – Royksopp
  16. Nine Lives – Midnight Juggernaughts

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