Papa Cranes 67th

The weekend before last weekend (Yep I’m still behind on posts!) we celebrated my dads 67th birthday! It was a lot of fun just hanging around with the family and thinking about the years that have gone by.

I can’t believe that my dad is only 3 years away from 70, but I still don’t think of him as old. Even when I have friends whose grandparents are younger (LOL). Can’t forget to feature the delicious feast that Stacy and Kyle created! Birthday boy blowing out the candles! I am so thankful for all the things my dad has done for me over the years. Especially now that I am in university, I really expected to be on my own, but my dad still takes care of so many things that I don’t think I would be able to do by myself. Not to mention the moral support he gives!

Papa Crane is the best <3 :’)


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