From Day to Night

Went for a walk to clear my head of all the chaos that is exams. Nothing is better than a walk through fresh snow as the day is becoming night and the Christmas lights from each house are beginning to glow.

Walks really help me put my life into perspective. Sometimes it is as though time stops and there is only you and the world. It helps me to think about what I am doing in my life now, how I should change my life for the better, and what I want for the future, as well as how I should get there.

Now that my head is cleared, I actually feel a lot more positive. Especially with all the studying that is currently going on. Only one more exam to go but I’m trying to be optimistic!

And of course, music is a huge factor in being able to relax and think clearly. Stole my sisters mp3 and put it on shuffle. This is what came up:

  1. The High Kings – “Ar Eireann Ni Neosainn Ce Hi”
  2. Florence and the Machine – “Only if for a Night”
  3. Celtic Thunder – “A Bird Without Wings”
  4. Florence And the Machine – “Spectrum”
  5. Big Bang – “Blue”
  6. TVXQ – “TAXI”
  7. Colplay – “Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall”

Until Next time…


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