In 2012

Recently I have been feeling rather reflective and I suppose some sort of melancholy, maybe because the year is almost over, I don’t know. So many things happened, 2012 really was a pinnacle year of growing up, becoming an adult. I graduated high school, am now in university, met a lot of new people, and said goodbye to a few as well. Even after all of these things have come and gone it still feels as though nothing happened in 2012.

I generally compare every year to 2010. Mostly because that was the best year ever! I left North America for the first time in my life, my eldest sister got married, I completed my first year of high school (Even though that was hell but the friends made up for it!).

I suppose what I should say now is that 2013 will be full of many new wonders and adventures. But I generally hate the number 13 so we’ll see. Plus, its no use getting your hopes up like that. Pessimistic till the end…

Last year I think was actually the first year I made new years resolutions. And I actually kept most of them, for a time at least. Which is really as good of a start as any. This year I don’t think I’m going to make any resolutions, though. I’m simply going to hope for the best.

Everyone to their own adventures!


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