The Good Things


This is a small project that I thought I would work on throughout the year of 2013. I got the idea from a post on pinterest and I’ve seen it a couple of times on tumblr as well. To sum it all up, anything good that happens to you throughout the year you write on a piece of paper and put in a jar. Then when the year is over you can read all of the things you wrote and remember all the good things that happened to you. DSC_0168I named my jar ‘The Good Things.’ But now I almost wish I had given it a real name, like Jenkins or something. Random yes, but awesome? I think so.

In some ways I look at this project as something I would never do, but at the moment I think I need to do it. Because at the end of the year, who really remembers all the good things that have happened to them? Even those that seem so small and insignificant. And me being rather pessimistic, I feel as though this will be a good reminder of how great the year actually is. Once the new year comes I only really think back to the summer and everything before that is erased. This is especially bad when for me the beginning of 2012 was awesome! And the end was good but less so than the beginning. It really put a damper on how I viewed 2012 so I feel like this will be a good little experiment for 2013.

And as you can see I already have a couple of notes in my jar (:


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