New Outlook

DSCN7649This year, I didn’t make any New Years resolutions. Not that that is such big news, the first time I ever did it was for 2012. I realized though, that I don’t really understand the point in new years resolutions. Sure its the start of a new year you should set goals for yourself to become a better you, but I fell like a lot of people use it as an excuse. Instead of starting on the things they want to do in the middle of the year they wait for the new year. I feel it is a way for people to remain lazy.

So instead of making a new years resolution, I just decided that throughout the year if I decide I can do something to better myself and my life, that I will start right then and there.

Thus, my number 1 goal for 2013 (and the rest of my life hopefully) is to have a brighter outlook on life. I feel I am far too pessimistic, and it has been bothering me a lot recently. I believe that if I can do this, my everyday life will overall become a happier place. Sure, everyone still has bad days, but I think I can lesson this by thinking on the brighter side of things as it were.

Hopefully I can stick to this! Good luck to me!


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