Looking Down

eggsYay! FINALLY I am posting some photos that I actually took. The selection of photos in this post are actually from last summer. It took me half a year to finish the role of film and get it developed. I want to say I was busy but I think I actually just forgot about it until recently. tree stumpOne thing I noticed about this role of film was that the majority of shots were me taking a picture looking down. I have recently become absolutely fascinated with aerial photography. Especially how the landscape can become so obscure and abstract that you almost can’t tell that it is a picture of something in nature. The above photo is of a stump, by the way. My dad couldn’t figure it out for the longest time.antFor this particular photo it took me a long time to force my camera into focus so that I could actually see the ant. I suppose that means its about time I start learning how to use my micro lense. tomatoesbird feathers

The above photo is the result of owning too many cats.

I didn’t actually expect this role of film to turn out as good as it did. I was shocked upon receiving the photos once they were developed! It made me fall in love with B&W film all over again. I wish I could shoot more, but midterms are pouring down on me at the moment. Hopefully I can when I have my reading break! Until then, I might post a few more photos from this role.


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