Bored and Falling Asleep

DSC_0203Lately I have been doodling a lot more in my classes. I used to never doodle because I couldn’t listen and draw at the same time, but now I am discovering that I am becoming a pro multitasker! Huzzah! (If you can call that multitasking)  DSC_0199I attempted to draw the soot balls from My Neighbor Totoro but I think I kind of failed. Usually when I doodle in class Its to keep me from falling asleep. Getting up for 8am biology lectures is really killing me.DSC_0200This little guy has been a long time doodle of mine. If you look through my school work over multiple years you can probably find a few different versions of him. When I first drew him way back when I meant to draw a jelly fish, however he came out more like a squid. DSC_0204I feel as though when it comes to school these days I am somewhat at a loss. More and more I am thinking if I maybe attended university too soon and if I was really ready for it. I know that I will get out of this funk soon, I think I just need to start seeing better results. Which means I need to start working harder. It all comes down to the fact that I am not working hard enough, but I don’t really know how to start. Time to start exploring my options.

At least seeing these doodles in my notebook is cheering me up :)


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