A Look Into My Bag

DSC_0210I always find photos such as these (the one bellow) hanging around the interweb. A downwards shot of various things, ordered in such a neat, OCD-like way. I thought I would try my hand at it so I just took a few items from my bag and viola! (Its really not very exciting though)DSC_0208

  1. The book I am currently reading: One Hundred Years of Solitude. It is impossible for me to go anywhere without a book in hand!
  2. My wallet. Somehow I still get complements on this wallet (Yay for Bleach fans!) even though there are ferret teeth marks all throughout it.
  3. Just a notebook. I have begun carrying a notebook with me wherever I go in case I get any sudden inspiration or ideas. I forget things way too easily.
  4. Change. I always have an insane amount of change because I constantly break my bills then never use the left over change. Really I am just too lazy to count it out.
  5. My pencil case. Its actually a wallet but as soon as I saw it I deemed it a pencil case. It has an illustration of a camera on it which is just <3
  6. My ipod. I would be dead without this little piece of technology. Its the only way I can contact anyone thanks to the phoneless me.
  7. My sun glass case. I honestly just stuck this in here because I needed one more object. Its too dreary in the winter for these which is quite saddening actually.


I actually don’t really like this photo haha. Its not very good in comparison to others that are around, but oh well. I tried, right?



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