Drop Everything and Go

Recently, more and more, I have been thinking about what it would be like if I just stopped everything, booked a plane ticket and started on a brand new adventure. A brand new road to travel. Something all my own.

I think what it really is, is university blues. I am almost done my first year, less than a month to go. And sometimes I wonder if it was a waste to rush straight here. Since elementary school my dream was to go to university and major in art history. I almost think the only reason I am actually realizing this dream right now is due to stubbornness. After telling everyone about this goal of mine for almost 6 years, I couldn’t just give it up.

These thoughts go through my head continuously, yet I don’t regret going to university. I still want to major in art history. At the end of it all I want to say to myself “I did it.”

Its just a lot of what ifs.

I bet some people do just drop everything and go. Only a rare few though. I feel envious of them. Those that have that freedom. I could, I really could, but I don’t allow myself to get that far. One day I want to be completely spontaneous and just drop everything and go. The time to do that isn’t here quite yet, but one day.


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