Out The Window and Into The World

WindowRemember when I sad in a previous post that I would post more photos from that roll of film? No? Must be because it was over two months ago, but it’s here finally! Feet in waterCoraOne of the many reasons I love photography so much is that it gets me outside exploring the world. Thanks to my camera, I now see the world in so many different perspectives that I never noticed before. Things that might be junk to others, turns into a beautiful photograph for me. Views that look boring for some, become a challenge at finding the beauty in it for me. OrchardhaypileThere are so many different elements that make a photo look good. Whether its the content, textures, or lighting, one or all can make or break a photo. Its these things that make photographs interesting to look at as well as the ideas behind them. PippinCan’t wait to break out my film camera again for the summer! Happy photographing!


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