Looking Back, Looking Forward

DSC_0211 This is just one shot from Imans birthday bash last Sunday. It was a super fun time that made me realize I need to get out and see my friends more. Whenever summer comes rolling around I never fail to become a complete recluse, seeing my friends only once or twice. This summer has to be different. Has to be.

For me, this summer is all about changing. Not changing like I’m going to be a completely new person because I hate myself and everything about me. Noooo none of that. But changing for the better as in, just being happier with what I do with my time. I feel that I am too lazy and could just do so much more. I always create all these plans and then never actually complete them, or start them for that matter. So in fact, I just want to be a more [word that is escaping me at the moment] person.

Life is moving ahead and I am stuck here doing the same old, same old. But already, only 3 days into summer break, I feel like this summer is going to be different, already is different. University has taught me a lot, especially second semester. Some things happened that I think if they hadn’t, next fall I would be doing the same thing as I did for my first year. Which I definitely do not want to do! Mostly this is regarding my study habits. I can’t believe how terrible they are, and they need to change pronto! Procrastination can no longer be my best friend, we must part ways now. Its for the best.

So even though I am looking back at second semester with a lot of disappointment for myself, I am looking forward with a brighter outlook.


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