Playlist: Dark Thoughts


“We do what we need to be free, and it leans on me like a rootless tree.”

  1. Only If For A Night – Florence and the Machine
  2. Jolene – White Stripes
  3. Siren Song – Bat for Lashes
  4. Hey Jude – The Beatles
  5. The Con – Teagan and Sara
  6. Creep – Radiohead
  7. Mine – Kim Jaejoong
  8. Let it Be – The Beatles
  9. Liez – The TRAX
  10. We Fight For Diamonds – Cut Copy
  11. Rootless Tree – Damien Rice
  12. Carnival – The TRAX


A playlist to describe how I am feeling or was feeling. Interestingly enough in my music library I called this playlist “Angst”. As of now I am feeling a lot better, so perhaps I should really be posting a different playlist. It seems that the night consistently carries dark thoughts with it when you’re laying in bed and can’t sleep. However, I suppose we need to look past these thoughts and focus on better things.


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