Adventures in New Places

DSC_1007This trip was the first family vacation in two years and even though only half of us could be there it was awesome to explore new places and fall in love with even more of the world. DSC_0567We were reunited with our long lost love, the ocean. Fixated on the waves pounding against the shore and the smell of the salty air. Always heartbreaking to say goodbye. DSC_0238We saw the BC Legislative Buildings, and roamed around them daily. DSC_0045We were able to take a break from the boiling hot weather of our hometown to come to the freezing coast. I love this weather! The wind, the rain, so much emotion within each. DSC_0600We saw the bluest and clearest water we have ever seen off the coast of North America. So deceptive, its freezing! DSC_0546Many photo opts were had. And mostly a whole lot of derp thanks to Kimberly! DSC_1005While we were exploring our favorite area of Victoria for the nth time we came across these people and wondered at how they could be out there kite surfing in this weather. Quite a site to see. DSC_0759While waiting for our favorite fish and chips we saw a group of people feeding fish to the seals. Adorable! Can I have one?

I have only now noticed that the photos I am posting here are mostly ocean related. It is one of my favorite things to photograph so I suppose its no surprise. These don’t even cover half our trip though. Victoria was beautiful, no matter where we were. The city is so active day and night, no matter the weather. My only wish is that I could have gone when I was 19, there are so many cool looking pubs everywhere! Oh well, two weeks too soon. I hope that soon I will be able to explore even more of Vancouver Island and British Columbia. And then eventually, more of Canada as well. Been living here my whole life and haven’t even scratched the surface!

Until next time Victoria.

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