The Importance of Friendship

1Over the last couple of weeks I’ve realized again and again how important friendship is and, how important my friends are to me in general. I’ve gotten closer to people I just only met a few times previously and reconnected with old friends. Making new friends is like unveiling a treasure chest. There is so much to be discussed and found from one another. Its almost always surprising when you meet someone else who has the same interests as you or the same quirky habits that you thought you were alone with. Seeing old friends after a long time brings an amazing feeling with it. To see that even though you’ve both changed over the years you still have so much in common and simply go back to your old ways is so rewarding. To know that you haven’t lost touch with them even though you see and talk to each other rarely makes you realize how great of friends you really are.2I also became more aware of the fact that there are so many more memories to be made. In one week alone we celebrated three separate birthdays. We’re all getting older but at the same time, we haven’t even hit our 20s yet (Except Josh :P). And in those times you recall and share old memories that you are fond of while making new ones. Most memorable for me out of a recent batch would be my first time ever being drunk. It was fun but, also makes me question why people actually enjoy getting drunk hah. But what makes this memory for me is the people I shared this experience with. We stared out at the city lights and laughed and loved. The end of the night ended with some puke and Advil but well, the beginning made it worth it. To be able to say that I had that experience is rewarding in itself. 3I think that a lot of the time people feel very lonely but, if you don’t even try to connect with people its all on you. I often feel the same way and I understand that I’m not putting any effort in. But when I actually do get out and see my friends I realize that it was such a big mistake. There are so many nights of laughter yet to be had and goals to conquer, big or small. So, I suppose what I’m really attempting to do is remind myself (as well as whoever cares to listen) to remember the good times so that you can created more in the future, whether equally or, a gazillion times better. Bad things will happen, those times will always be there no matter what. When your lying in bed at 4am wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life, those are moments you shouldn’t forget either. Those will help shape you and make you aware of how great all those other times have been. If your life is filled with contrast, up and down, perhaps thats a good thing. You’ll definitely appreciate the little things more.


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