Traveling vs Vacation

Korea 1010 010I recently read an article in some magazine or other about the difference between traveling and vacation. Many probably don’t see any difference, I for one never did. This article described traveling as an adventure. You’re not going somewhere to relax, you’re going to get lost and hit some bumps in the road and truly experience something entirely new. While vacation on the other hand, is all about going to some island resort and forgetting about all your worries. Its about getting rid of the stress of your everyday life.

For myself personally, I would choose travel every time. Though, I’m sure I’ve used the word ‘vacation’ in more than one blog post without realizing the difference. I don’t want to go to some remote beach and just lay there, I can do that here in my hometown. I want to get lost and immerse myself completely in a new culture while simultaneously not knowing a single word in that language. I think that greater memories come from things like that. Trips such as those are the ones you can truly laugh about later. Of course I’m sure many great memories come from a relaxing vacation as well. I think that my point of view comes from the fact that I want to see the whole world and discover all its hidden treasures.

My perspective is completely biased, of course. I’ve never really gone on just a simple vacation. My family always opts for hiking and camping and outdoor adventures. This is also coming from someone who doesn’t have a very stressful life (except when final exam week is upon me!). So, I have never felt the need to stop everything and relax completely. For me, an ideal trip is getting up at 6am doing as much as possible in one day and not going to bed until well past midnight. By the end of the trip you should be absolutely exhausted and can’t wait to return to your own bed.

I would love to know what everyone else prefers though! Traveling or vacation? Also, do you even think there is a difference between them? Let me know in the comments below :)


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