Playlist: Songs to Workout To

Lately I have been working out a lot more than I used to. Well lets be honest, I didn’t workout before. This summer I want to shed a few extra pounds and come out with a better looking more confident me! Of course music is always a big inspiration when it comes time to gather some motivation. So, here are a few of the songs I listen to when working out (Sorry for non kpop fans!):

  1. Ugly – 2NE1
  2. High High – GD&TOP
  3. Sky – Tohoshinki
  4. Oh Yeah – GD&TOP
  5. I Am The Best – 2NE1
  6. Fantastic Baby – Big Bang
  7. Midnight Circus – Sunny Hill
  8. I’m a Guy Like This – DJ DOC
  9. Red Sunset – Big Bang
  10. No Other – Super Junior
  11. Run Devil Run – SNSD
  12. Bad Girl Good Girl – Miss A
  13. Go Away – 2NE1
  14. 1 2 3 4 – Lee Hi
  15. Fire – 2NE1
  16. Maximum – TVXQ
  17. I Got A Boy – SNSD
  18. Summer Dream – Tohoshinki

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