print screenRecently I have become quite obsessed with Flickr after rediscovering the site last week. It has helped me in discovering photos I had totally forgotten I had. And not because they were uploaded on the site because I only had like 3 photos on flickr to begin with, but because I’ve been searching through my folders and folders of photos searching for ones to upload now. I have been trying to upload at least one photo everyday or so but of course, only my favorites go up.

I think the reason I am suddenly so obsessed with Flickr is because by looking at other peoples photos it has inspired me to work harder to become a photographer. I was feeling down in the hole about a bunch of stuff (like I’m not going anywhere with my life, etc, etc, we’ve all been there…) as it were and while being completely and utterly bored chanced upon this site after many years. By looking at other peoples work you can compare yourself to others and see what it is you need to work on and use it as a ruler to see how close you are to the work you aspire to create. Also, I find looking at others photos a great way to come up with new ideas and develop others. Of course, the best inspiration is always to go out and take photos yourself, you’ll never know what you’ll discover.

I feel as though I have suddenly rediscovered my passion for photography. I’m not saying it was ever lost, but more so this just strengthened and justified it.

You can find my Flickr here.

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