In Celebration

1Fireworks, as some may know, are one of my favorite things to photograph. Any chance I get I will snatch it up right away. That is why Canada Day is one of my favorite days of the year, and the annual fireworks display definitely has something to do with it. Or a lot to do with it. This year I had to beg and beg my family to go with me but finally they were persuaded. After all, we only see this once a year! Other than the fireworks we spent the hottest day of the year thus far in the local movie theatre watching Star Trek into Darkness (Spoiler alert: Chris Pines eyes are glorious). 3 5In my opinion, I didn’t get as good of shots this year, or as many for that matter. This years display was disappointing to say the least, I only hope that next year they can do better. Also a little side note, next year I must remember to bring my tripod.4The way that fireworks light the sky, there is something magical about it. Like falling stars that only made it so far. They crackle and boom as they explode into millions of sparkling fragments, too high to be caught and too low to be in the sky forever.2I am happy that I could feature these photographs in my 200th POST! Fireworks are just what I needed to celebrate! I can’t believe I’ve made this many posts already, thank you everyone who have liked and subscribed. I hope I can make more content in the future that you will enjoy just as much.


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