Photo Diary︱April

I have decided that at the end of every month I am going to post a collection of photos that I have taken at random intervals that weren’t worthy of their own post. After recently looking back on some old posts that I made on this blog (almost 3 years ago!) I realized that I really do look at this place as a little diary. Its quite fun to look back at old posts to see what I was doing or thinking at different times in my life. So, why should I leave out the things that weren’t big enough to have their own fancy post? Its the simple things in life that make us the happiest after all, isn’t it?! Without further ado,  here is a tiny bit late of a post for April.DSC_0693 (2)DSC_0602 (2) DSC_0625 (2)DSC_0193DSC_01921. Christine, Sean and I ventured out to The Habitat to a show in which there were barely any people, the speakers were blaring so that there was no way in hell you could enjoy the music, and Christine accidentally bought a shot that we both had to sip and share. All in all a grand night. It was our second time seeing Reuben and the Dark play, although we mostly went only to buy their CD. Oh, and we didn’t actually get any decent pictures of the band. My bad!

2. We decided randomly that we wanted to have a tea party. Unfortunately, everyone we invited was busy so it was only Christine, Cora and I. Still, very scrumptious!

3. One afternoon Christine and I wandered around downtown looking in pretty shops, eating sushi, and going to coffee shops, all the while taking Polaroids.


Mostly this post just shows that I hang out with Christine too much… I should probably call up some of my friends! :3



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