Like Traveling Back in Time

Untitled-6It always amazes me how I am capable of dropping something I love to do for months at a time. This batch of photos from my film camera were taken back in the summer of last year. Almost a full year took place before I finally decided I should use up the film and get them developed. Wow. I want to blame a hectic university life but lets face it, that is a horrible lie. Its my own inability to juggle multiple things at once. Which, in all honesty, sounds worse because it doesn’t take that much effort to take photos in my own backyard. Untitled-4 Untitled-7Maybe in some aspects it is a good thing I didn’t get these photos developed until now though. It was a great surprise seeing them for the first time because I had no clue what I shot last year. Like traveling back in time. I discovered that I love to take photos of wheels and the only person I ever photograph is my niece, Cora.Untitled-5 Untitled-1 Untitled-3 Untitled-2I was quite disappointed with these photos, however. Some of them are good, but mostly I thought about all of the things I could have improved upon. I suppose that means I am only growing as a photographer. I also became aware of how hard it is to get B&W film developed. I had to send it all the way to Vancouver to get it developed and then sent back here to get printed on colour paper rather than getting everything done in Vancouver for more than twice the cost. I took the cheap route over quality. A mistake I will not make again.


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