Back to the 90s


DSC_0057Back with another Lookbook for Kimberly! Its been a few months since we posted on Lookbook and even longer since I posted the looks on my blog what with my sudden hiatus. Its nice to be back. I love sharpening my photographing skills with people. Nature is easy to take photos of (sort of), its just there. While people are a different matter entirely. Especially, when you get a cat that won’t stop moving into the picture. He followed us across the street so we just had to incorporate him somehow. DSC_0066 DSC_0038This look is inspired by the 90s because Kimberly is obsessed with harlem pants now. She has already collected quite a few pairs, but every time she goes shopping she seems to come back with more. Our upcoming birthday party’s theme is the 90s, so this was just a quick practice run for the actual day. She did ok, right? DSC_0049 DSC_0023You can hype this look on lookbook here!


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