Been There, Done That

DSCN7680Lately, I have been thinking a lot about traveling and how people always want to move onto the next destination. I feel like there is a lack of appreciation for the places we have already seen. Constantly you here people talking about how they want to go here and there, me included. I always tell people how I wish that I could go see temples in India or Angel Falls in Venezuela. I fail to see how lucky I am to have been to the places I have already seen.

Sure, I haven’t actually traveled that much. Mostly, I’ve been on family road trips around the US and one random little stint to South Korea. And even though I live in Canada I’ve only ever traveled around British Columbia. But, a lot of the places I have been to are breathtaking and are memories that I shouldn’t take for granted. And in all honestly, should revisit more often.

One year, on a family road trip we drove all the way to Kentucky with a van from 1990 and a trailer in tow. I think we’re lucky to not only have made it to Kentucky, but also to have made it back to Canada. Along the way we explored caves and risked our safety in intense thunder storms (On Mount Rushmore no less!). In Kentucky, we sat back and relaxed with some southern hospitality, enjoying fish BBQs and meeting relatives for the first time. That was the longest road trip I have ever been on, and wouldn’t mind redoing. Its good as long as you don’t mind driving along miles and miles of corn fields! DSCN7866

My families most visited spots are along the west coast. We’ve driven up and down the Pacific countless times, exploring the red woods and numerous beaches, all with something different to offer. We ran up and down sand dunes, all while the wind and sand was tearing us apart. We flew kites on the ocean, even though there was barely enough wind to lift them off the ground. We camped next to the crashing waves, sitting around the fire laughing together. We traversed through fern gullies, amazed by the fact that anything could be so green.

Yes, I haven’t been to Europe yet or even the other side of Canada for that matter, but I have still gone to some great places. Its not bad to dream of places you want to see and visit someday, as long as you don’t forget the things you’re able to see now. Even if you just go on a trip that takes you a couple of hours away, its something. I often forget about how beautiful BC is and how little I’ve seen of it. I think its time to take some mini road trips this summer to explore my surroundings a little more thoroughly. Essentially I want to learn how to appreciate the world I live in a little more and how lucky I am to go the places I have.


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