Nights With An Insomniac

DSC_0389Every summer this happens to me. Some strange switch is made, unbeknownst by me, and I can only sleep during the day and wander about at night with nothing to do. My night usually starts out with tea. Not a good idea in itself as I always drink earl grey and it has caffeine in it. No wonder I can’t sleep. DSC_0390After milling around for awhile with random thoughts wandering through my brain I decided to watch Lord of the Rings. After getting about a quarter way through I paused the movie and sat for some more staring blankly at walls. This is when all those deep thoughts go through your head. Those “I could change my life right now” kind of thoughts. My sleepless nights usually end with me saying I’m going to start doing -insert something motivating- today. Of course nothing actually changes. Halfway though the night I always get hungry. Since getting sick I have been obsessed with chicken noodle soup and am constantly craving it. DSC_0397I decided that I need to update my music library so I headed over to indieshuffle to see what I could find. Unfortunately I am super picky with music and didn’t find much. Most songs sound the same to me these days. :( DSC_0403My night ended with this selfie as I waited for the sun to rise. It was a futile wait however, as the sun could not be seen from behind the clouds.

And my day started with a 6am jog.


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