The Happy List | Vol. 2


  1. Feeling confident
  2. Planning trips abroad
  3. When the last sentence to a book is perfect
  4. The smell of summer evenings
  5. Deep conversations that come out of no where
  6. Long walks
  7. Watching the sun rise after staying up all night
  8. Cuddling with Sean
  9. Discovering new beaches on the coast
  10. Thunder storms

Recently, my emotions have been rising and falling like the wind. One moment I’m content and happy while the next I’m feeling down and stressed.  I don’t have a reason for these moody episodes, other than it is probably due to my negative way of thinking. I assume too much without confirming anything and let these accusations stew. I’m working on it. Or pretending to at least. I thought that another edition of the Happy List would be a perfect (temporary) solution to my problems. At the moment I am spending some time at my boyfriends house in Maple Ridge. Our days are filled with swimming pools, tea, and netflix. Other than my negative thoughts, it is pure bliss.

I hope everyone is having a fun filled July!


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