Finding Inspiration: Above LA

Time lapse videos are one of my favorite things to watch. There are always two sides to a city, and to see that come to life in only a couple of minutes is stunning. Chris Pritchard did an amazing job when he put together Above LA, a time lapse of the city moving from day to night.

After watching this video I had a new found respect for LA. I have only been once (A family trip to Disneyland) and it was fun, but I couldn’t get over the urban sprawl of the city. That aspect made me sad. However, when you see the city glowing at night it becomes far more magical. I love city lights. If I could drive, I would probably aimlessly wander around Kelowna just to look at all the lights.

Another reason I love time lapse videos is that they are something I have always aspired to make and never have. Maybe soon I will try my hand at it.

Until next time. x


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