The Works of Jane Austen: Completed

I have been putting off this post for some time as I actually finished my last Jane Austen novel about two months ago. I have just been feeling so sad that I don’t have any left to read (And I hate re-reading books).

Jane Austen has been one of my favorite authors for a long time. Ever since first reading Pride and Prejudice I have been in love with her works. Over the course of the last few years whenever I was in a particular Jane Austen kind of mood I would run to the bookstore to pickup whichever novel I had yet to complete. Now my only hope for a Jane Austen fix is if someone makes some more updated films of her books (More like the 2007 P&P please!).

Jane Austen is one of those things where you either love it or hate it. I know that a lot of people find her stories very boring, especially the writing style. Back in high school I was talking to my English teacher about books and he mentioned how he hates Jane Austen’s novels because its about rich peoples petty problems. I can see where he’s going there. I just can’t help but find them fascinating though. I think my problem is that I am in love with elegance and Jane Austen just screams elegance to me, or at least the time period does.

My favorite Jane Austen novel is definitely Pride and Prejudice. My love for it started with watching the 2007 film adaption and went from there. I think that I really connected with these characters in particular because they come from a family of girls and I can relate to that (even though I do have one brother). When I decided to read the book I found it even more enthralling than the movie, and then I read more of her books and the movie adaptions of them.

Some of them are definitely better than others. Emma and Northanger Abbey I think are her weaker works. The storyline was less interesting and in Northanger Abbey the writing was not quite like her other novels. I heartily recommend trying at least one of her books though! I find them very comforting, especially when I am feeling down. I almost feel jealous that there are people out there who have not yet had the chance to discover Jane Austen and her works. /sigh I am just being butthurt.

I am sorry this turned out to be a rant about my love for Jane Austen. I just couldn’t help it :3

Until next time x



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