Living In the Past

As some may know I am a lover of vintage things. I have even begun to collect vintage cameras and also got a typewriter for my birthday. The past seems so elegant to me, and elegance is something I crave, as ridiculous as it seems. I know, I am romanticizing it beyond belief and ignoring all the problems, such as voting rights and the fact that we had two Wold Wars. But even when I think about all that, I can’t help it.

A couple of years ago I began writing letters to two pen pals in the US. There is something romantic about letter writing that really gets to me. It seems easier to write down all your thoughts with pen and paper rather than a keyboard and mouse. I am hoping that when I got to Amsterdam I will be able to write a lot of letters home to friends and family. It takes a lot more effort, but thats also the appeal. It is such a good feeling when someone sends you a letter!

Constant Puyo, Au Jardin Fleuri ,1899

And of course because of my love of photography, I love looking at old photos of people living in the 20’s and 40’s. It seems like another world entirely! Sometimes I really think that I would prefer to live in those times rather than todays modern world. Where if you can’t keep up with it, it will just leave you behind.

My favorite genre of movie is definitely period dramas and even book wise I love to read about places set way before my time.

My love for old things is also a key aspect of why I love art history. Its fascinating to see the things that people were interested in painting years ago and how the styles evolved up till now.

Robert Frank, New York, 1950s

I am thinking about all these things right now because today a random thought popped into my head. I began to think that I should stop living in the past and start being more conscientious of the present. I spend so much time thinking about how other people lived that I am not properly living my own life. However, as soon as this thought came up I immediately waved it away. Vintage things are sort of a passion of mine. I love reminiscing, seeing how photography advanced and how computers came to be. The fashion in the 20s was to die for and I love seeing photos of pin-up girls too. So for now I’ll give myself an excuse. This is just a distraction for when things get hard. For when I am stressed out beyond belief and need an escape. I’ll escape into the past.

Until next time x


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