A Roadtrip With Friends

DSC_0005One thing that has always been on my bucket list is to go on a road trip with friends. I have been on numerous adventures along the west coast with my family which were beyond amazing. However, I have always felt that traveling with a friend would be very different, and fun in a new kind of way. Last week, I was lucky enough to discover the fun of road tripping with friends!

The travelers were me, Kimberly, and Tiana (our trusty driver). We headed out early on a tuesday morning, excited for this mini getaway together. Our destination? Vancouver. It’s only a four to five hour trip but no matter the distance its its own kind of adventure, right? Our reason for this trip was to see Danielle for her birthday and then she would come back to Kelowna with us to party it up.

I have always found that the drive to Vancouver is one of the most beautiful and makes me love British Columbia even more. It was made even better this time around by sing-alongs, good company, and of course the fun of getting lost an x amount of times even though we had a GPS. I would like to note that Vancouver is known for terrible drivers, which somehow made the experience more fun? I don’t know, I might just be a little crazy, but taking wrong turns a few times made the trip even better.

I unfortunately did not take very many photos as I looked at this mini getaway as a time to relax and not worry about if I’ve taken any good photos and the like. Instead, we relaxed in the sun by the pool, and went down the water slide like a bunch of elementary school kids. I did however take a ton of photos of going down the water slide! I am hoping they turn out as it was a disposable camera. If they do I will of course post them here. ;)

Along the way we met a ton of people and were lucky enough to hang out with Danielle’s friend Anna for two days as they snuck into our hotel room for a couple of nights. Shhh don’t tell anyone!

This was such an unforgettable experience I can’t really put any of it into words. What kind of blogger am I? All I can say is that there was tons of laughter, smiles and frozen yogurt all around!

P.S. Looks like this is bucket list item #2 crossed off! Whoop Whoop!

Until next time x


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