Under the Waves

Scan10008I am finally posting all of the photos from the disposable underwater camera I bought after weeks of having them developed. I’ve never bought a waterproof camera before so I was rather nervous about how the photos would turn out, but I absolutely love them! The quality isn’t all there, but it really does create some awesome memories to look back on and share. I wouldn’t have been able to get any of these awesome photos without it, so I am really happy with my purchase. I am definitely going to be buying another one next summer! Scan10006 Scan10009These first few were all photos from the beach with Grace this past August. We weren’t sure if any of the underwater ones would turn out because of how murky the water is, but they are just fine. I love this one of Kimberly! I am not sharing the other few we took because the view is just way off. We were trying to take underwater selfies but unfortunately discovered another dilemma with these cameras. The view finder is different from where the lens is. :(  waterslideAll of these are from the roadtrip with Tiana. I used most of my film up on these because I thought it was going to be the last chance to use the camera. They look so cool though! You can really tell we were having a good time acting like kids again. :)Scan10007And this last one is from Seans pool in Maple Ridge. I was tempted to buy another one just for my time in Maple Ridge because of how bright his pool always is. Could have gotten some more awesome photos. Ah well, I will just have to wait till next summer.

P.S. Please excuse the crud on the corner of some of the photos. I accidently spilled tea on them :(


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